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Instruction & Survey

After initial contact from the client (who will be asked to provide a small project brief) our first step would to be investigate the Planning history and online visuals of the proposed site to see if the project is feasible. This will usually provide us with enough information to provide a quote for the project, although if the site is particularly  unusual and requires a site visit this can be provided.

Once instructed a site visit will be required to discuss the project brief in more detail and also to measure the site includes existing buildings and any other site specific features.

With then provide accurate digital 'As Existing' drawings as the basis for the 'As Proposed' Planning drawings.


Acquiring Planning Permission is a crucial stage of any project and without it you can not legally build unless the proposed project falls within the 'Permitted Development' criteria. 


Although Planning Permission is never guaranteed with over 20 years experience we have a reputation of achieving a high success rate even on the most challenging sites all within the client's brief. This often adds significant value, not only to increase the monetary value of a property, but also to the standard of living for our clients.

If on the rare occasions Planning Permission is rejected we often negotiate with the councils to find a solution or if not help guide our clients through the Planning Appeal process.


Good design is our priority and also the Local Authority's so this regularly leads to approvals.

3D Visualisation

On most projects we find that there is a need for some form of 3D visualisation, from a basic 3D model to help the client visualise the project, to a photo realistic image to help gain Planning Permission or with a property sale.


All of our drawings are produced using Computer Aided Design so it is a smooth transition to produce a digital 3D model or even a printed 3D physical model.   


Building Regulations

​Building Regulations are what the government set out to be the minimum standards for any building work is to be built to, everything from heat loss, structure , sound etc. are taken into consideration. The Building Act 2000 makes it a legal requirement to gain Building Regs. approval before most building work can be undertaken. With extensive knowledge of Regulations and experience we can efficiently navigate through this stage providing detailed drawings for the builder to work from. We also include mechanical and electrical detail to the clients specification at this stage.

We can also provide tendering and Contract administration services.

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